Serious injuries need serious care and rehabilitation, so it is paramount that people understand that accidental trauma is something to be concerned about, and every possible precaution taken to minimize personal risks. After an injury, there are important rehabilitation methods and recovery support tools that are used in recovering from hip injuries – adduction pillows, are one of these.

The name originated from a medical term that describes limiting certain bodily movements. Hip abduction can be described as the motion when legs or thighs move away from hips, and that is where the abduction pillow provides support. It restricts leg movement, ensuring that movements of the legs aren’t at the wrong angle; thus preventing patients from complicating their injuries.

Common Uses for an Abduction Pillow

Hip surgery is the primary cause for the need to use these kinds of pillows, because hip replacement and hip repair surgeries usually require the patient to remain still in bed for long periods of time after surgery. Not only do these specially designed pillows help to limit movement after surgery, these also provide hip support to prevent accidental trauma to injured areas. What kind of accidental trauma?

Because, hip replacement surgery requires patients to rest for longer periods of time, when compared to other types of surgery, movement rotation can cause muscle injury and throw new or repaired joints out-of-place. And, abduction pillows prevent that from happening.

An abduction pillow is also helpful limiting other types of hip pain, and greatly helps people to sleep, by stabilizing the legs.

The Uses of Abduction Pillows

Usually, the supervising doctor will explain everything about the abduction pillow, and will demonstrate its use. With the help of a care provider, the pillow is placed between the legs using its depressed space, and thick, sturdy straps are then used to limit movement of the lower limbs.

There are many types of abductions pillows available, and for obvious reasons, most of these are made out of soft material that does not cause any discomfort to the patient, but firm enough to effectively hold the legs in place – to act as a splint of sorts. Although, the hospital may issue you an abduction pillow, there are many available that may suit you better, or that are more comfortable.

While an abduction pillow will keep your legs and hip stabilized while you sleep, the straps shouldn’t be too tight as to restrict circulation or cause pain, or too loose to allow movement that could re-injure the hip –causing more pain. However, abduction pillows have many uses, even for folks without injuries use them, without straps, to help sleep at night, as these pillows help to align the spine, to make laying down more comfortable.