Footwear is a true necessity and an integral part to our daily lives, without which we’d have a good amount of pain to deal with come the end of the day. Still, even with the growing modernisation and advancement of present-day footwear, foot pain is still inevitable for some people. This makes specialised footwear such as orthotics important in preventing injury or in rehabilitation treatment. The science of orthotics is not new, but over the last two decades impressive advancements have made orthotics more effective and efficient.

The main reason for the advancement of orthotics is a growing reliance on digitised technology, such as CAD (Computer-aided Design) and CAM (Computer-aided Manufacturing).

One of the most commonly employed ‘design’ technologies in the field of engineering and product design of late has been CAD and CAM. As the definitions state, CAD and CAM are both computerised methods of product design and manufacturing that incorporate the use of high-end computers in the inception of products.

How this benefits the end consumer, and how this makes a product better? Utilizing CAD and CAM technologies, orthotics can be designed and created better than hand-made or automised production-line grade items. In the world of orthotic footwear, CAD and CAM designed foot orthotics are far more superior to other types of footwear simply because they are custom made and truly ‘fit’.

CAD CAM Footwear – True Customisation for the Best Fit

Unlike other types of ‘custom-made’ or ‘custom-fit’ shoes, CAD CAM footwear truly provides the best possible fit that only technologically assisted design and production can deliver. While most typical orthotics only rely on given measurements done by hand, CAD CAM designed footwear employs the unique approach of computer-guided measurement to render only the more precise measurements possible.

CAD CAM designed footwear are also far more accurate in terms of construction than most commonplace brands, as the method of construction itself is guided by the infallible ‘hand’ of a computer.

Invest in Custom Made Orthotic Footwear

If you’re looking to invest in high-quality orthotics, opting for run-of-the-mill orthotic footwear may not always be the best idea. CAD CAM designed footwear, though a bit pricey, offers the following unbeatable advantages:

True-to-life custom-made design – made with the aid of CAD, this specialised type of footwear genuinely captures the innate form of your feet down to the tiniest detail, giving it the edge over typical orthotics in providing you with the proper corrective solutions to truly fit your needs.

Exact construction based on true-to-life rendering – with the help of CAM and CAD, footwear is able to create the right type of orthotics that you (and you alone) need. Orthotics Plus, with its computer assisted designs ensures that the end result of each and every custom-scanned footwear not only fits perfectly, but delivers the corrective and beneficial results that it promises each time, every time!

Why settle for second-rate orthotics when you can have the best? For more information on CAD CAM-assisted orthotic footwear and how to go about obtaining it, please visit: