Foot Orthoses can be custom made or pre-fabricated. To ensure maximum functionality almost all foot orthoses are custom made. At Orthotics Plus we fabricate full length and ¾ foot orthoses from Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) – a dense foam.

Foot Orthoses will vary from person to person depending on the pathology that needs to be treated. Features of custom foot Orthotics may include:

  • Medial wedge
  • Lateral wedge
  • Medial arch support
  • Metatarsal domes
  • Reliefs for bony or painful prominence
  • Ledge for an elevated first ray
  • Soft spots in the heel
  • Plantar fascia groove

Foot orthoses are used to treat a wide variety of conditions. These are referred to in the ‘conditions’ section of the website.


A rigid soled post-operative shoe (RSS) is an off-the-shelf shoe which has a completely rigid sole. It is held onto the foot using two Velcro straps.

The aim of the RSS is to immobilize the foot post-operatively or for some small, stable foot fractures. Surgeries which often require a RSS post-operatively include bunion surgery, mortons neuroma and plantar fascia release.

Carbon fiber plate stiffening is used to immobilise the foot. It is extremely effective in treating a variety of conditions including midfoot arthritis, severe metatarsalgia, stress fractures in the foot and sesamoiditis.

For carbon fibre stiffening, it is preferable to embed it into the sole of the shoe so it is further away from the foot itself. However, there are some situations where it may be appropriate to create a removable carbon fibre plate which sits inside the actual shoe. This also allows it to be moved between shoes

At Orthotics Plus we cut the sole of the shoes, position the carbon fibre and glue the shoe back together. Most people can’t even tell that the shoe has been cut.

There are certain shoes that carbon fibre stiffening cannot be added to. The sole of the shoe must be thick enough to be able to cut through it and it must be made from an Ethyl Vinyl Acetate or leather sole to ensure we are able to glue to it. Cheap shoes are often made from left-over type materials and we are generally unable to glue to this type of sole.

The shoe needs to be a lace-up design or at least have a strong Velcro closure or buckle to ensure the mechanics of the Carbon Fibre Stiffener are effective for the foot condition.

Silicone heel cushions are used for height and cushioning under the heel area. There are many different types available. At Orthotics Plus we use cushions that are 12mm thick which provides maximum cushioning for maximum effect.

Since the material is silicone, there is no collapse in height of the cushion which means they are long lasting. These are commonly used for plantar fasciitis and/or Achilles tendon pathologies.

The silicone heel cushions can be worn in most shoes.