CROW Fitting & Support at Orthotics Plus

CROW stands for Charcot Restraint Orthotic Walker.

It is a custom made rigid boot that completely immobilises the foot and ankle. These are commonly used in a Charcot’s foot after coming out of a total contact cast.

Just like a total contact cast, a CROW relies on an intimate fit to reduce pressure on specific areas of the foot. This in turn supports damaged bones of the foot which are common in a Charcot deformity.

A CROW is made from a carbon fibre posterior (back) shell and a plastic anterior (front) shell. This is all lined with a support custom foot orthosis and a soft thermofoam lining. The two shells are held together using Velcro straps. There is a rocker sole on the base of the CROW to further minimise movement through the foot and ankle.