Children’s Orthotics at Orthotics Plus

Orthotics Plus provides foot assessments and children’s foot orthotics to paediatric patients to manage lower limb conditions and foot & ankle pain.

For kids who are growing and changing rapidly,  we usually suggest prefabricated Orthotics as opposed to custom made orthotics because often they grow and their feet change shape within a 10-12 month period.

Orthotics Plus has two locations in Melbourne: Malvern & Heidelberg. Please contact us to discuss your child’s situation and how Orthotics may be beneficial.

When to Consider Foot Orthotics for Kids

The primary reason to consider Orthotics is to manage pain-related symptoms.

  • If the child is experiencing pain (typically in the feet, ankles, knees, hips or lower back), then it may be time to assess the feet to see if they’re related to pain levels.
  • There are many foot conditions and postures (i.e. flat feet, high arches, Sever’s) that a child may be living with. We suggest contacting your GP and Orthotist ASAP to ensure the patient is appropriately managed.
  • Orthotics Plus can assist patients over 3 years of age. Generally, we prescribe Foot Orthotics to patients who are over 10 years old and symptomatic- it would be an uncommon case to require Orthotics prior to this age.

Benefits of Children’s Orthotics

Each patient experience is different from the next. Ideally, orthotics should assist with:

  • Management of pain symptoms
  • Increased capacity for physical exercise
  • Lower the risk of chronic foot problems
  • Reduce excessive pronation or supination
  • Improve comfort while standing, running and walking

If you think your child has flat feet/high arches or seems to be walking ‘funny’ please arrange an appointment with our Orthotists for a complete assessment. It’s most likely a normal stage of development but it’s always good to check!

Boy throwing a ball in a basket on a basketball court

Pricing for Kids Orthotics

Prefabricated Orthotics are typically 1/3rd of the price of custom orthotics. Prefabricated Orthotics are in the range of $180-$250 AUD, plus consultation costs.

More often than not, a child would require new Orthotics every 12 months. We try to make our service as cost-effective as possible.

Parents usually visit us prior to the start of the school year, where the child has changed shoes and runners, which is an opportune moment to review the orthotics.

Why Choose Orthotics Plus for Kids Orthotics?

Orthotics Plus has over 10 years experience providing kid’s orthotics. We are experienced at creating solutions that are correctly sized for younger people.

We are mindful to take into consideration the preferences of the client, such as patient compliance to wear Orthotics and also the economic viability of premade versus custom solutions.

We advocate for choice and control.


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Orthotics Plus was established in 2012 and our senior clinicians have served paediatric patients for a minimum of 10 years. Please note that:

  • We can help you develop a care plan for your child
  • We do not over-manage our paediatric patients
  • Our staff are friendly and compassionate
  • We offer a high level of service

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Children's Orthotics FAQ


We can, however, recommend some appropriate stores and give advice as to the most appropriate footwear required.

There are many shoes that can accommodate orthotics, but not ALL shoes are appropriate,

We tend to give advice as to what features you need to look for to ensure the shoes are appropriate for orthotics.

Our main focus is on work/school shoes and exercise shoes.

Outside of school/work and exercise, there may be times that you can wear dressier shoes that you can’t fit orthotics into, and that’s ok for certain occasions.

When we first put orthotics in kid’s shoes, we ask them to wear them in slowly. 1-2 hours on the first day, 2-3 hours on the second day and then increase gradually each day.

We also ask them to walk before they run, so 7-10 days before they use them for exercise to minimise the risk of blisters and soreness, which is short term.

For paediatrics with the capacity to communicate, they should be able to express if their pain has reduced with the Orthotics, which is ultimately what we’re trying to achieve. Hopefully, the child will state something like “my pain is not as bad” or they just complain of pain after activities less.

For paediatrics who cannot communicate (i.e due to a disability), hopefully, they return to activities they previously avoided because of pain. This may present as an increased desire to walk or perform other physical activities.

Certain facets of healthcare such as coordination development are outside the scope of our Orthotists. As a holistic provider, we would help you identify other medical professionals to work with when necessary.

Teenagers are able to visit us independently.

Orthotics Plus encourages parents/guardians to attend all appointments.

As mentioned above, all Orthotics Plus staff hold current Working With Children Checks.

If a parent or guardian is unable to attend with their teenage dependent, we are more than happy to phone the parent/guardian to update them on the appointment and relevant information.

The primary information that our Orthotists require is the diagnosis of the patient, such as X-rays from a recent fracture and the reason for referral.

You are able to self refer using our referral form here which you can attach documentation to, our office will contact you to confirm the details.