Tibialias Posterior Tendon Dysfunction/Tendonitis Services

The tibialis posterior runs down the medial (inside) and posterior (back) of the ankle. The tibialis posterior tendon functions to stop the ankle from rolling inwards and the medial arch collapsing. This tendon can either completely rupture or develop tears along the length of it (tendonitis/dysfunction).

Symptoms of Tibailis posterior dysfunction/tendonitis or rupture include:

  • Severe pes planus (flat foot deformity)
  • Pain on the medial (inside) of the ankle
  • Swelling on the medial side of the ankle
  • Pain on the lateral (outside) of the ankle
  • Inability or difficulty doing a single leg calf raise

There are many different orthotic treatments available depending on the grade of deformity. These include:

To determine the most appropriate treatment for you, we recommend booking an initial consultation to discuss your concerns in more detail.