Orthotics Plus Central Fabrication

Orthotics Plus is proud to offer professional Central Fabrication (CFAB) services to other medical professionals.

Central Fabrication is a service that allows Orthotists and Podiatrists to send casts and technical requirements for the production of equipment such as foot orthotics and AFOs at our facility.

The items are crafted by our extremely experienced technicians under guidance of qualified orthotists and then returned to the purchaser once completed.

Orthotics Plus CFAB is located at Suite 4 261-271 Wattletree Rd, Malvern, 3144 and we partner with companies Australia-wide.

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Ordering Process

Here are the steps to follow for our Central Fabrication service:

Step 1: Complete the Ordering Form

Complete the technical form available and submit.

Include patient details, referrer information, and technical specifications. We can handle projects in any size and volume.

Step 2: Consultation

Our technicians may contact you via phone, email or videoconferencing to discuss your project in detail.

We aim to verify our fabrication aligns with their exact specifications.

Step 3: Turnaround Time

Typically, aim for a turnaround time of under two weeks.

We can prioritise urgent cases where required.

Step 4: Delivery Options

We provide freight all items via registered post or courier.

Melbourne-based businesses have the option to pick up their orders in person at Malvern.

Step 5: Feedback

We welcome feedback from our partners as we believe this is helpful to maintain a long term relationship.

We guarantee our work and that the device will be made as specified.

Ordering Form

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Equipment Our Central Fabrication Produces

  • Custom foot orthotics – crafted to specification
  • AFOs – (plastic / laminated / carbon fibre / simple tamarack joints / PDEs / Double action joints / Triple action joints / GRAFOs) in all combinations
  • KAFOs – (metal bending, plastic molding, laminates)
  • Shoe modifications – carbon fibre stiffening, rocker bottoms, heel raises, widening, etc

Our Experience & Level of Service

Our Central Fabrication facility is staffed by Scott Dimitri and Arnie Zangl, who are our lead technicians.

Both have over 2 decades of experience in technical roles, ensuring that they bring a wealth of expertise to every project they undertake.

Their extensive experience translates into consistently superb and high-quality equipment for our clients.

Contact Us With Your Fabrication Enquiry Today

You are welcome to call our Malvern clinic and speak with our staff in detail before placing an order.

  • Our central fabrication facility is Melbourne based and everything is crafted in-house
  • We have extensive experience in crafting high-quality equipment that serves the Australian public. We acknowledge that our craftsmanship should reflect positively on your business.
  • We have a clinical component to our business and therefore use and prescribe our own products
  • You are provided with the direct contact information of our technicians, you will be kept up to date with the status of your order and can speak with the technicians directly
  • We aim to be the most competitively priced Central Fabrication Service in Melbourne.

Please phone (03) 9077 6414 or email [email protected] to get started.

Contact Us Call (03) 9077 6414