Orthotics Plus was established in 2012 by Orthotist Kate Perlstein. Kate wanted to create an orthotic facility which could assess, prescribe, treat and fabricate orthotics for 3 main patient groups.

  1. Specific foot and ankle conditions
  2. Fractures of both the upper and lower limbs
  3. Diabetic foot management

Kate graduated with a Bachelor of Prosthetics and Orthotics from La Trobe University in 2004. After graduating, Kate was immediately offered a one year graduate position at St. Vincent’s Public Hospital. Throughout this year, Kate was exposed to complex musco-skeletal conditions (particularly Polio) and complex custom made orthotics. This included custom foot orthoses, custom ankle foot orthoses and custom made ground reaction ankle foot orthoses. St Vincent’s Hospital is one of the only Orthotic departments in Australia to use carbon fiber and fiberglass laminates almost exclusively to create their orthoses.

In 2005, Kate commenced practicing at the Alfred Hospital. During this time, she was exposed to acute trauma patients (particularly spinal fractures), some of which were life threatening. The Alfred is one of only two hospitals in Melbourne specialising in the fitting of halo-thoracic orthoses for treatment of complex cervical (neck) injuries. The orthotics department was also in charge of the outpatient fracture clinic where she gained significant experience fitting fracture casts and fracture orthoses.

In 2008, Kate started work in a private orthotic facility. The primary motivator for a move to private practice was the opportunity for greater exposure to foot and ankle conditions and interaction with Orthopaedic surgeons, Rheumatologists and other referring Doctors. Kate also began to develop an understanding of how to run a successful Orthotics business.

Kate started Orthotics Plus with a passion to offer quality custom made products, efficient service and affordable prices. Orthotics Plus is one of the only Orthotic facilities which specialises in foot and ankle conditions and fracture management for upper and lower limbs.