Orthotics Plus was established in 2012 by our Director and Senior Orthotist Kate Perlstein. After spending many years in public and private facilities in Victoria, it was Kate’s goal to provide a better alternative for patients requiring orthotic management and to re-invent what an orthotics clinic could be.

The focus to provide excellent facilities to our patients, only hire the best clinicians and support staff and to focus on 5 main treatment groups has lead Orthotics Plus to be one of Australia’s most respected orthotics clinics.

Orthotics Plus specialises in:

  1. Foot and ankle conditions
  2. Fracture management of both the upper and lower limbs
  3. Diabetic foot management
  4. Neuromuscular Conditions (complex and simple)
  5. Spinal- acute and post-operative

Since 2012, Orthotics Plus has experienced a great deal of growth, expanding to multiple locations and employing a team of highly experienced clinicians. The team at Orthotics Plus have a passion to offer quality custom made products, expert knowledge and efficient service at affordable prices.

Due to our professionalism and skill, Orthotics Plus are the Orthotists of choice for many of Melbourne’s leading surgeons.