Footwear at Orthotics Plus

Orthotics Plus has a small but growing range of extra width/depth footwear available to patients.

The brands that we stock include FRANKiE 4 and sandals. Currently stocked styles of FRANKiE 4’s are the JACKiE, SUZE and JAZZ with more styles soon to come including GABBi. We also order in mens and women’s Dr Comfort shoes as needed.

If the shoes we supply aren’t appropriate for your feet, we have a range of footwear stores we can refer you to. We will also be able to give you the specifications of the footwear that you require.

Enquire About Modifications Call (03) 9077 6414

Footwear Modifications

Orthotics Plus is also able to do multiple shoe modifications, these include:

  • Heel raises
  • Wedge/flare to the sole
  • Shoe widening
  • Adjustments of straps
  • Shoe stretching
  • Balloon patches

If you would like further information regarding footwear please contact us directly.

An orthotist modifying a sneaker shoe.