At Orthotics Plus, we take pride in providing only the highest quality care to all of our patients. We believe every patient should leave the appointment with a clear understanding of their condition and the treatment plan available.

Orthotics Plus works closely with many Orthopaedic Surgeons, General Practitioners, Vascular Surgeons, Sports Doctors, Podiatrists and Physiotherapists who we call upon for further opinions and management. All patients are reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure treatment is appropriate.

We offer a same day service where possible and in particular for acute injuries (i.e.: fractures and soft tissue injuries). We also offer a range of financial support.

Orthotics Plus offers onsite manufacturing. All custom made products are fabricated right here at Orthotics Plus by your Orthotist. This ensures all items are fabricated specifically to your needs. It allows us to provide short turn around times and immediate adjustments at the time of fitting. We pride ourselves on delivering only the highest quality pre-made and custom made products.

Want to know more? See our Complete Guide to Foot OrthoticsFAQ page or learn about our initial appointments.