We Create Custom Footwear from Scratch

Custom footwear is suitable for individuals with unique foot shapes that do not conform to standard shoe sizes.

There are several common scenarios in which custom footwear is necessary;

  • Charcot foot, which affects diabetics and causes significant deformities in the foot
  • Individuals recovering from ankle or foot fractures, particularly those who have undergone skin grafts, experienced swelling and deformities
  • Individuals with lymphoedema
  • Individuals with obesity
  • Those who require specialised footwear to support various Orthoses

Orthotics Plus is a NDIS-registered provider and we welcome your enquiry regarding footwear.

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An Orthotics Plus patient wearing a Total Contact Cast and over cast shoe.

Types of Custom Footwear

When patients seek custom footwear, we will generally begin with an assessment and see if there are in fact off the shelf options available from specific manufacturers which are able to accommodate your needs.

As we specialise in this area, we have options from companies that can provide extra depth and extra wide shoes not available in standard shoe stores.

Once we have determined a pair of custom shoes is truly necessary, our approach is to ask the patient to bring in a picture or a shoe that they like or can manage to wear. Based on that, we strive to create custom shoes that resemble their preferred style.

For instance, we had a patient who wore Converse high tops, and we made an effort to replicate that style in a custom shoe. Although it may not be perfect, it captures the essence of the original. Another example involves a patient who prefers blue mesh high-top runners with black accents. Additionally, work boots with solid leather construction and a steel cap are a common request.

These are typical styles we encounter when creating custom footwear for our patients.

Once the design is decided upon, a series of measurements, 3D scans and foot tracings will be taken and a complete pair of shoes will be manufactured.

The initial fitting might require some minor adjustments, however this can be done generally very quickly and the patient will be able to walk away with the shoes.

Assessment Process & Delivery Timeframes

During the assessment process for custom footwear, we conduct a thorough evaluation that involves several steps to ensure a proper fit.

We begin by organising a 3D scan of the foot and ankle, carefully measuring and documenting all the necessary information (such as required modifications). We then design the shoes conceptually.

We work alongside a shoe specialist to manufacture the product, and the near-completed shoes are received by Orthotics Plus for us to implement the final modifications and quality assurance.

Finally, the completed custom footwear is ready to be provided to the patient. The process typically takes 6 weeks.

An Orthotics Plus patient with Charcot foot.

Referring for Custom Footwear

Orthotics Plus typically receives referrals and inquiries for custom footwear through various channels. These include:

  • Medical professionals: Referrals often come from doctors, orthopedic specialists, and other healthcare providers who have identified the need for custom footwear in their patient’s treatment plans.
  • Nursing providers: Nurses who work closely with patients may recognise the need for custom footwear and refer them to Orthotic companies for assessment and assistance.
  • Podiatrists: Podiatrists are likely to refer patients who require custom footwear due to specific foot conditions or deformities.
  • Physiotherapists: Physiotherapists work with patients on rehabilitation and movement-related issues. They may refer individuals who require custom footwear to support their treatment and recovery.

In many cases, referrals are made when simpler techniques or off-the-shelf footwear options have been tried without success. The referring professionals recognise the need for custom-made footwear to address the unique requirements of the patients.

An orthotist modifying a sneaker shoe.

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  • Custom footwear is compatible with NDIS funding
  • We provide follow up support and guidance
  • We are experienced with unique conditions
  • We are kind, caring and prompt
  • No foot or shoe design is too difficult

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Some of these individuals experience pressure-related issues caused by their wheelchairs. Some of them are unable to wear regular shoes due to fit limitations and end up resting their feet on the sides of the wheelchair. 


In such cases, their footwear requirements differ from those needing high stability. Instead, they need shoes that are soft, foam-lined, and molded to accommodate the shape of their feet.


One advantage of our process is that we utilise scanning technology, eliminating the need for direct contact and making it more accessible for individuals with sensory sensitivities.

The majority of our custom shoes are lined with soft leather, which provides a comfortable and gentle feel. However, we are also able to accommodate specific sensory needs by using alternative materials.

For instance, we have created slippers for a patient with a fleece lining, offering a different texture and sensory experience. We have also worked with a patient with complex pain located in one toe and managed to create a shoe with a toe box where nothing comes into contact with the toe. We will customise the footwear using a variety of materials to meet their individual preferences and requirements.