Orthotics Plus is an NDIS registered provider.

We are able to provide home visits to NDIS participants within approx 10km of our clinic locations.

We recommend home visits for those whose mobility may be limited, or for those who would like us to join for a combined appointment (often with their Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist or other Allied health professional).

In these appointments, we perform a full assessment including strength testing, range of motion, gait and understand the patient’s meaningful goals.

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How Orthotists Help People Succeed at Home or in the Community

It’s imperative that we care for our patient’s holistically, meaning all facets of a person’s lifestyle are considered. We may assist with:

  • Falls prevention – prescribing appropriate footwear, AFOs, KAFOs, foot Orthotics and Assistive Technology so people have greater safety at home
  • Education – discussing various pieces of equipment, advancements in technology and an appropriate prescription
  • Attend recreational or social activities – for example, the person’s goal may be to walk 500metres to the bus, board the bus and attend lawn bowls – we would talk with the Occupational Therapist/Physiotherapist to ensure our devices are appropriate for this goal
  • Chronic condition management – we support patients living with disabilities such as diabetes with equipment like CROW boots

Home visits provide a private and familiar setting for NDIS participants to communicate to us in their own words.

Follow-Up Clinic Appointments

In many cases, we will make recommendations for Orthotic equipment.

This is most appropriate to take place in our clinics because we have access to our tools, measuring devices, as well as an inventory of products for the participant to trial.

We will communicate with all involved to confirm the location of the appointment, taking the participant’s preferences of home visits into account.

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 We look forward to your enquiry, please note that:

  • We work with paediatric and adult NDIS participants
  • We have multiple clinic locations throughout Melbourne
  • Support organisations are welcome to meet with us prior to commencing services
  • We are university trained and Australian-owned

Please use our clinic locations page to contact us.

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