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An Arizona Lace Up Ankle Brace is a type of ankle brace that supports the ankle, namely the talocalcaneal, midtarsal and subtalar joints.

This type of Orthoses could be considered in the middle of a regular sports brace and an Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFO). It’s not as rigid as an AFO, but it’s not as flexible as a lace-up ankle brace.

It is suitable for someone requiring a high level of ankle stability but minimal dorsiflexion assistance.

An Arizona brace is made from slightly softer materials, which is appropriate for patients who are at higher risk of pressure areas (where an AFO wouldn’t be appropriate for that reason). 

Arizona braces are available at Orthotics Plus Malvern & Heidelberg, please contact us for an assessment, fitting and ongoing support.

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Fitting an Arizona Lace Up Ankle Brace

As with all our services, a patient will visit Orthotics Plus for a comprehensive assessment. An Arizona brace will be recommended if it’s the most suitable product to help that person with their foot and ankle.

An Arizona brace is a custom made solution. During the assessment, we will use plaster and take a cast of our patient’s leg. We would then fabricate the brace, which typically takes one week.

It is important to note that equipment companies create prefabricated Arizona braces that people can purchase privately. However, at Orthotics Plus, our Arizona braces are completely custom made.

We can use laces, speed laces or velcro depending on the preferences and dexterity of our wonderful patients.

When is an Arizona Brace Clinically Appropriate?

The common indicates for this type of ankle brace are:

  • Osteoarthritic ankles
  • Unstable ankles
  • Tibialis posterior dysfunction
  • Tibialis tendonitis

Arizona braces are typically considered when a soft ankle brace or foot orthotics aren’t able to provide enough control, yet an AFO is also not appropriate.

How Does an Arizona Brace Work?

An Arizona Brace is designed with many layers of material.

The inner layer is leather, the next layer is padding, the third layer is plastic, the outside layer is leather. The purpose of this design is to

  1. Protecting the skin by cushioning the rigidity of the plastic layer. This lowers the risk of pressure.
  2. Provide medial and lateral support to the ankle.

The firmness of the Orthoses prevents excessive foot adduction and abduction movements as well as inversion and eversion at the ankle. The Arizona brace can also provide support against excessive pronation and arch collapse.

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Arizona Lace Up Ankle Brace FAQ

In most cases, patients will be required to obtain extra width/depth footwear because an Arizona brace is quite cumbersome.

Typically our patients would use these with joggers/walking shoes that are roomier than a tight-fitting pair of joggers/walking shoes.

For this reason, they are rarer to prescribe.

Arizona braces require minimal maintenance aside from being kept clean.