Pre & Post Operative Services

Orthotics Plus provides a range of services to support people who are preparing for surgery or recovering from surgery.

We have experience handling referrals from nearby hospitals and surgeons relating to pre or post operative management. Our services take place at two clinic locations in Melbourne, which are Malvern and Heidelberg.

We are primarily engaged to provide bracing and casts that control the affected body segment as necessary, thereby contributing to patient safety and recovery.

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Pre/Post Surgery Referrals for Orthotics Plus

Our Orthotists are appropriate to consider for surgeries relating to the entire body.

Some of the common surgeries we assist pre or postoperatively are:

  • Lateral ligament repairs
  • Ankle fusions
  • Midfoot fusions
  • Lisfranc repairs
  • Peroneal tendon surgery
  • Achilles ruptures
  • Removal of back slabs
  • Wound checks
  • Suture (stitches) removal
  • ACL/PCL/MCL (knee) surgeries
  • Vertebral fusions
  • Surgical repair (ORIF) of fractures for all body segments
  • Meniscal repair

Patients would attend Orthotics Plus for the fitting of a cast, brace or boot, which will vary depending on the exact surgery.

Please contact our office to discuss if we are an appropriate provider for you to consider.

Who Can Access Pre/Post Surgery Services?

Orthotics Plus’ services can be accessed through a variety of funding options, including:

  • Private paying clients (with or without healthcare insurance)
  • NDIS
  • Homecare package holders
  • DVA, TAC, Workcover
  • SWEP

Please contact Orthotics Plus to confirm pricing or financial assistance options.

Benefits of Orthotic Plus for Surgery Support

There are many ways we help the community during these difficult times. The overarching objective of Orthotic healthcare is to:

  • Manage pain
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Control motion appropriately to allow healing
  • Aid in the rehabilitation process
  • Promote movement (where appropriate)
  • Help people restore function as quickly as possible

We have existing relationships with surgeons throughout Melbourne. As such, we have experience with the rehabilitation schedule of various surgeries, as well as the multidisciplinary approach to healthcare.

We provide education and answer pragmatic questions such as ‘When can I pick up my child or return to work?’ We believe we do very well at contributing to a patient’s lifestyle and quality of life.

We provide the necessary instructions and follow-up support. We encourage patients to contact us if they require it.

Kate Perlstein fits a female patient with a CAM Walker, also known as a moon boot.

Pre & Post Surgery Management FAQ

In most cases, we do not provide pre/post management services for these common procedures, as the patients generally do not require bracing.

If your surgeon requests this we will of course assist.

This will be communicated to you by your surgeon.

They will educate you on the post-operative strategy, which includes notifying you of any Orthotics, healthcare, or other equipment that you will require.

You may be provided with a referral to visit Orthotics Plus prior to your surgery, such as the fitting of a spinal brace, so it’s available for you to use postoperatively.

The surgeon will also provide you with guidelines as to how long Orthotic supports are required.

We will work collaboratively with your surgeon to ensure we are delivering holistic, multidisciplinary care.

Not specifically.

If the surgeon feels that we need to be involved for the next stage of the rehab, the surgeon would write a referral to us and the patient would be instructed accordingly.

Please note that Orthotics Plus and our wonderful administration team will do as much of the communication as possible so you can focus on healing.

With that said, please feel free to contact us for any reason.