Assistive Technology for NDIS Participants

Assistive Technology (AT) is any technology which improves the function of an NDIS participant to achieve their goals, do things more easily or safely, or do things they cannot otherwise do because of their disability.

The term technology may infer that AT Orthotics relates to only electronic/computer controlled equipment. However, this is untrue. All Orthotics equipment is classed as AT.

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How Does Orthotics Plus Help with Assistive Technology?

Orthotics Plus is an NDIS registered provider.

We provide Orthotic services to NDIS participants that are self-managing, agency managing or plan-managing their NDIS plan.

We serve both children (ages 7-18) and adult (ages 18+) NDIS participants.

Our services typically take place at our clinic locations, however, we are also able to perform home visits throughout Melbourne.

Funding Orthotics in an NDIS Plan

Our Orthotic services are funded by 3 categories under a NDIS plan.

  1. Capacity Building Supports (Improved Daily Living Skills) – Includes professional advice, assessment, specification, fitting and training associated with assistive technology. This is invoiced under the Support Code 135 – Selection and/or manufacture of customised or wearable technology. 
  2. Capital Supports (Assistive Technology) – Includes the delivery, repair and maintenance of assistive technology.
  3. Core Supports (Consumables) – Participants who have AT needs may have funding included in their Consumables budget to enable them to purchase low risk, low cost AT. Not all Participants will have this but those that do sometimes choose to use this category to purchase shoes, foot orthotics and low cost accessories under $1,500.

Timeframes for Orthotic Assistive Technology

The majority of the time, Orthotic devices/equipment will not be provided at the initial consultation as we will need to commence a Service Agreement and seek approval before proceeding.

The time the Participant will need to wait will depend if they have funding available, if a Prosthetics & Orthotics Assistive Technology Assessment is required and if the item is prefabricated (off the shelf) or custom made.

Where Our Equipment is Sourced & Manufactured

We provide a mixture of prefabricated and custom-made devices.

Our prefabricated equipment is from a variety of trusted suppliers that we either have in stock, or can obtain them within 24-48 hours of approval.

Our custom-made equipment is hand-crafted onsite at Orthotics Plus.

Contact Our University Trained Team

Please contact Orthotics Plus to see if we’re an appropriate provider for you to consider. We will always refer onwards if we think that you are more suited to another professional.

Please note that:

  • Our Orthotists & Podiatrists are tertiary qualified professionals
  • Each clinician possesses a minimum of 10 years experience with foot and ankle conditions
  • We provide detailed explanations and follow-up support
  • We work collaboratively with your healthcare team

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Assistive Technology FAQ

No, an AT request form is not always required, depending on the cost of the services and the participants individual funding.

Capacity Building Supports – The NDIA will always include funding in a Participant’s Capacity Building budget for AT advice or assessment where they have an AT need. Example funding to pay an initial consultation to determine Orthotic needs.

Capital Supports – It’s dependent on whether a Participant has funding available. Most of the time, the NDIA will need sufficient evidence to decide which AT supports are reasonable and necessary to include in a Participant’s plan which will require a Prosthetics & Orthotics Assistive Technology Assessment completed.

Core Supports (Consumables) – no assessment/quote is required for low cost AT under $1,500 (provided the client has funding available in this category).

Please contact our office if you have further questions.

At Orthotics Plus, we require all new NDIS clients to visit for a 1-hour initial assessment.

Following this assessment, the Orthotist will prepare a Service Agreement and quote based on the Participant’s predicted Orthotic needs over a 12 month period (we generally quote for a 12 month period only). The pricing is listed here.

If the participant is plan-managing, this information is then provided to the Participant’s Support Coordinator. We work with the coordinator to determine whether funding is available to proceed or if we need to submit a Prosthetics & Orthotics Assistive Technology Assessment and await approval.

Regardless of whether an item is low cost, mid-cost or high cost AT we always seek approval before proceeding.

Typically, yes. After the first appointment, we will include reviews as part of our initial quote in our Service Agreement.

The development of Orthotic products is typically led by a mixture of healthcare companies, specific Prosthetic and Orthotic companies and biotech companies which we are aware of.

We work collaboratively with these companies to review and appropriately trial their products.

It is our responsibility to understand and navigate the thousands of devices and refine our product inventory. The purpose of this is to benefit the end-user.

When performing a detailed Assistive Technology assessment, we may consider several different Orthotic devices, so it is critical we prescribe the most suitable options and understand why they are advantageous over other options.