Airselect Aircast Walking Boots: For Lighter Feeling and Comfort

When it comes to ultimate protection and comfort, not much can surpass the quality of Airselect Aircast Walking Boots. Quite frankly, it is one of the most advanced walking boots on the market. With a wide array of advantages and many benefits, the Airselect Aircast offers comfort and effectiveness at an economical price.

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An Orthotics Plus patient wearing a Total Contact Cast and over cast shoe.

Easy Customisation

These remarkable walking boots have an integrated inflation system that features easy and fast customisation. That way a patient has full control for a customised fit according to individual needs. As well, there is a unique dial selector for the aircells, this makes it easy for specific inflation.

Supports Faster Healing

Airselect Aircast Walking Boots are a hygienic alternative to the outmoded fixed plaster cast types. In fact, the DuplexTM Aircell technology actually supports faster healing. The innovative features have multiple aircell layers within the semi-firm shell. And with every step, the advanced layers offer pulsating, air-filled compression.

These fluctuating pulsations have an upward massaging motion that literally “milks’’ the accumulation of fluid (oedema) away from the injured area. What is more, the soothing massage has been clinically proven to relieve pain, reduce oedema by three times and accelerate healing.

An Orthotics Plus patient with Charcot foot.

How it Works

The first few seconds the walking boots are on, the compression is stable as the patient stand motionless. When there is a movement like in walking, the air fluctuates in the distal aircell (blue line). Meanwhile, the proximal aircell (purple line) generates a recurrent compression. Moreover, when the aircells overlap, the distal compression generates graduated compression that is very healing.

What the Aircells Do

The aircells purpose is to reduce the pressure of the oedema area. The aircells not only enhance circulation but they help elude extreme muscle atrophy. It is the pulsating action that encourages circulation, decreases swelling, assists with callus formation and “milks” the oedema away. What is more, the air pressure within the anterior aircell keeps the foot comfortable and protected in the walker.

An orthotist modifying a sneaker shoe.

Lightweight and Extremely Comfortable

One of the best atributes of Airselect Aircast Walking Boots is the extra lightweight shell for extreme walking comfort. And with advanced vents within the semi-rigid shell, the boots allow maximum airflow and minimal mass. Remarkably, the innovative lightweight design does not compromise support in the least.

As well, the open frame design has a heat-moldable shell for an ultimate custom fit. And for extreme patient protection, the shell contours around the malleoli (the bony protuberance on each side of the ankle).

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