Dr. Comfort Depth Shoes – Therapeutic Footwear That Helps

The best options for healthy feet are Dr. Comfort Depth Shoes – Therapeutic Footwear. In fact, many specialists recommend them, especially if you suffer from certain health conditions like peripheral neuropathy, aching feet or diabetes. Therapeutic is also good for foot complications such as painful bunions, calluses, corns and hammertoes. What is more, the shoes are ideal for healthy feet as they definitely feature both style and comfort.

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An Orthotics Plus patient wearing a Total Contact Cast and over cast shoe.

Extra Depth

Dr. Comfort Depth Shoes are designed on a special last with additional width and depth in the foot area and toe box. The extra depth offers a comfortable and loose fit that gets rid of pressure on the feet. The additional room for toe movement offers pressure relief for hammer-toes, bunions, swollen feet and other problem areas. In addition, the depth accommodates orthotics and thick insoles.

Non-Binding Design

Dr. Comfort Depth Shoes – Therapeutic Footwear have a non-binding upper design that includes super soft and durable leather, stretchable material with comfort and extra foam padding. And for extra comfort, there are no overlays across the bunions plus it has soft materials in the collar and toe areas. Moreover, the extra comfortable construction enhances comfort and protection that gets rid of pressure areas on susceptible and sensitive feet.

Stretchable Uppers

These remarkable shoes also offer a breathable and stretchable Lycra upper that shapes around the feet. This feature not only improves fitting comfort but it also offers a loose and customized fit. And with a better fit, there is an ease of pressure on bunions and other problems with the feet.

An orthotist modifying a sneaker shoe.

Less Slippage and More Comfort

With padded leather heal cradle and tongue there is a drastic reduction of heel slippage and friction. In addition, the shoes offer a non-skid outsole that is long lasting and provides better traction.

As well, Dr. Comfort Depth Shoes offer lateral and medial stability for correct biomechanical support and balance. In addition, they are fully leather lined to keep your feet dry and cool, which is a very important feature especially if you have problem feet.

Additional Benefits and Features

Dr. Comfort Depth Shoes – Therapeutic Footwear are constructed with premium quality top grain leather that offers both comfort and style. Moreover, they can accommodate heat moldable diabetic inserts for exceptional customized fitting. And for the perfect fit, they are available in 3 different widths and half sizes to accommodate the most challenging to fit foot.

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