Pediatric Walking Boots for Children

One of the most difficult things to do when a child has a foot injury is to keep the weight off. And even with a standard orthopedic shoe, it is nearly impossible. When a child injures their foot such as the metatarsals, it is imperative that they immobilize the foot to speed up healing time. Proper pediatric walking boots for children will also improve the disposition of your child with improved compliance and decreased pain symptoms.

Unfortunately, without proper care and support, a child can cause more damage to their injury. And as most parents know, children are active at any age and demand physical movement. Oftentimes a child will walk on their injury regardless of the pain and discomfort. However, the solution is to have the ideal pediatric walking boots that offers mobility, comfort and support.

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Offers Extra Benefits

The best pediatric walking boots for children are MiniTrax by ProCare. This outstanding pediatric walking boot delivers comfort and support for small children who have mild to severe ankle injuries. This special boot features a kid friendly design that is far less daunting than other models. In fact, it is the only pediatric walking boot on the market that supports child friendly design elements. It has an ultra-fun exterior that kids will adore. And unlike cumbersome old-fashioned types, the MiniTrax has stress-free adjustments that make it easy to strap. As well, the liner system is a breeze to adjust.

Innovative Design with Interior Expertise

The MiniTrax is lightweight design that includes anatomically shaped uprights that simplifies a better fit. The innovative design also features a low-profile rocker sole that greatly reduces impact. The rocker sole is renowned for its ability to magically reduce a person’s weight. Not only is it designed to ideally fit the foot but the durable structure has withstood the test of time from a kid’s perspective. Plus the non-slip tread provides better traction and ultimate safety.

Color Coded for Simple Fitting

For simple fitting, the MiniTrax is color coded into three animal categories; orange is for the small octopus ages 1-2 ½ years old, blue is for the medium whale ages 2 ½ – 5 years old and yellow is for large giraffes ages 5-8 years old.

In addition, pediatric walking boots for children are impeccably designed to support a child’s injury such as stress and stable fractures of the lower leg, acute ankle sprains and metatarsal fractures.

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