What are Silicone Heel Cushions?

Silicone heel cushions are cushions made out of silicone that can fit in a variety of shoes.

Silicone heel cushions are used for height and cushioning under the heel area. There are many different types available. At Orthotics Plus, we use cushions that are 12mm thick which provides maximum cushioning for maximum effect.

The soft surface area acts to dampen and disperse load placed on the heel. The cushions raise the heel by approximately one centimetre. They are commonly used for pain management.

We offer silicone heel cushions to patients, which is often combined with appropriate services, individualised stretching programs and ongoing support.

While silicone heel cushions can be purchased from local chemists, Orthotics Plus is appropriate for patients looking to address the injury/condition that is the root cause of the foot pain.

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Who Would Benefit from Silicone Heel Cushions?

The two primary reasons for referral to Orthotics Plus is for people with plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon pathologies and paediatrics with sever’s disease.

This is because the symptoms of these can often be managed with silicone heel cushions, amongst other treatment options.

How Does the Service Work at Orthotics Plus?

At Orthotics Plus, we employ both Orthotists and Podiatrists who are well-positioned to treat foot and heel conditions through a variety of interventions.

Patients can self-refer and are assessed based on their individual pathology.

The prescription of silicone heel cushions is not a solution itself and should be combined with a holistic approach to healthcare.

In general, we would prescribe an individualised stretching program which is provided with recommended frequencies during the appointment.

We also address the patient’s footwear and activity levels that are contributing to their heel pain.

In most cases, silicone heel cushions are used for the short to medium term and ideally, the patient will make a full recovery.

Patients are re-assessed and supported on their rehabilitation as necessary.

Referrals for Orthotics Plus

If you are experiencing any pain in your foot, it is the right time to contact Orthotics Plus.

The sooner, the better is always the best. The longer a person is living with their condition, it may be harder to treat.

  • We are an Australian-owned business
  • We have two clinic locations in Melbourne
  • We are versed with a wide-range of foot conditions
  • Our Orthotists & Podiatrists are university-trained with a minimum of 10 years of experience

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Silicone Heel Cushion FAQ

These are a prefabricated product.

It is important to note, we manufacture custom foot orthotics that may be used in-place of silicone heel cushions if deemed necessary.

An example of this is for patients who require biomechanical control (such as greater arch support) while also requiring the comfort of a cushioned heel.

In our experience, these are a very robust product that last many years, often longer than they are required.

In most cases, we recommend that patients wear them for most of their day.

On average, our patients wear these for approximately 12 weeks. Our Orthotists will guide you on the right timeframes for you.

No, a patient will wear one or the other, rarely both simultaneously.

Typically, silicone heel cushions are used for patients without biomechanical issues. They are relatively cheap and good first-option.

If a person’s foot condition progresses and they start to exhibit biomechanical issues, it may be time to trial foot orthotics.

These are very easy to wear. Most shoes that are enclosed at the heel, so regular work shoes, boots and joggers are fine.

They are not appropriate for sandals, heels and thongs.