Information for Support Coordinators

Orthotics Plus is an NDIS-registered company. As part of our role, we synergise with NDIS Support Coordinators to deliver Orthotic healthcare to NDIS participants.

We work with paediatric and adult NDIS participants of all NDIS plan types. NDIS participants who have elected for a plan-managed option will be represented by a registered NDIS Support Coordinator.

Orthotics Plus is proud to work with NDIS Support Coordinators, as this is part of providing holistic, patient-directed care to our community.

Communication with NDIS Support Coordinators

All people are welcome to contact Orthotics Plus to ask questions about our services to determine if we are an appropriate provider for an NDIS participant.

Prior to choosing Orthotics Plus, we are happy to provide extensive information about our services, discuss pricing, clarify funding categories we operate within, as well as discuss various treatment pathways.

We will also provide information regarding follow ups, NDIS plan reviews and Assistive Technology reports.

This is so the NDIS participant and NDIS Support Coordinator have as much information as possible, and the choices, funding and preferences of the patient are safeguarded.

Orthotics Plus Heidelberg reception

Referrals from NDIS Support Coordinators

When a NDIS participant/coordinator decides to work with us, the next step is to place a referral with the:

  • NDIS plan
  • NDIS start and end dates
  • Email to invoice
  • Goals
  • Relevant medical information
  • Services required

Orthotics Plus is able to assist paediatric and adult NDIS participants and contribute towards their meaningful goals.

NDIS Plan Reviews

When appropriate, Orthotics Plus will take part in NDIS plan reviews, which take place approximately three months before the NDIS plan end date.

This is an opportunity to review progress towards goals, equipment and upcoming healthcare/ reports.

NDIS plan reviews may require an appointment at Orthotics Plus, however, this is not always the case.

We will communicate this process to the NDIS Support Coordinator by either phone or email. We strive to maintain regular communication to ensure participants can access new equipment or healthcare in an efficient manner.

Patient being fit with a RoM knee by the orthotist

Requesting Information from Orthotics Plus

In addition to our communication information, there are times when a referring organisation would like to meet with us, either prior or during an engagement.

Orthotics Plus is happy to meet with NDIS Support Coordinators in the way they would like.

For example, we may be asked to deliver an in-service presentation on the Orthotic Management of disabilities or highlight advancements in technology/equipment that may be beneficial for people to access that they may not be aware of.

We advocate for choice and control.

Proud to Serve the NDIS Community

Orthotics Plus is proud to provide bespoke, high quality Orthotic Healthcare to individuals.

We hope to offer a personalised experience, where patients can spend extensive time with our clinicians and benefit from a professional relationship. Our clinicians are also accessible by phone or email for after-appointment support.

We have numerous success stories of patients who have increased their mobility, increased their independence, comfort, function in the community and wonderful things like this!

A close up of an orthotist fitting a patient with a thumb spica.

Holistic Healthcare at Orthotics Plus

Orthotics Plus is committed to our patient’s goals and aims.

We try to make sure that we’re achieving what the patient wants, not our assumptions of what they want.

We work alongside other Allied Health professionals that may be contributing to the same NDIS participant to make sure that we’re synergising our efforts to maximise the outcome for the patient.

A feature of Orthotics Plus is that we employ experienced (on average 15+ years) clinicians, with some of us pursuing various clinical specialisations.

Contact Orthotics Plus

Orthotics Plus welcomes all enquiries.

  • We are NDIS & AOPA registered
  • We were first NDIS registered in 2018
  • You can view a range of Assistive Technology at our clinics
  • We are caring and professional
  • We strive for no wait lists for our clinical services

Please use our clinic locations or referrals pages to get in contact with our friendly team.