Exos Bracing System

When it comes to the treatment of fractures and other injuries that require stabilization, you need the best support available. The Exos bracing system is the only brace on the market that offers adjustable, removable and reformable stabilization. In addition, the Exos is the ideal waterproof solution – you can continue daily activities like showering and even athletic water endeavors.
Mainly, the Exos brace system offers superior comfort and secure immobilization for wrist and hand injuries during the treatment phase. As well, the Exos delivers other features and benefits.

Lightweight and Low Profile

Not only is the Exos fashionable but it is very conducive to radiolucent environments. For instance, the brace does not need to be removed when taking x-rays and re-casting is not needed for clinical assessment of fracture healing. Moreover, the Exos is quite a bit lighter than fiber glass braces and plaster casts.

Easy to Remove

The Exos is user and clinically friendly, making it easy to remove. The brace is easy to remove so that the fracture and wound site can be examined. As well, simple removal permits muscle atrophy assessment, early rehabilitation therapy plus skin and brace cleaning for better sanitation and faster healing. Moreover, the Exos eliminates the need for saws such as in cast removal.


One of the best features of the Exos is its ability to be reformed. This gives flexibility and a custom fit for everyone. As well, reformability provides less material waste, easy modification for anatomical changes as healing advances and the ability for serial changes in position. As well, because the brace is very reformable, only one brace is needed throughout the duration of treatment.

Adjustable and Changeable

Exos utilizes the renowned and high-class BOA system that offers a lot of features. The BOA system includes custom fit tension modification to accommodate changes in soft tissues and atrophy, fit reel and lace dynamics for improved comfort and expansion to lower the risk of Compartment Syndrome and the allowance of swelling.

Original and Stylish

Nothing can compare to the Exos bracing system when it comes to originality, comfort and style. For custom fitting, you can heat the brace in the oven for 3 to 5 minutes then just slide it on and gently mold and adjust for a comfortable fit. And for style, choose from an array of designs like Camo, Polka Dots, Spider Web, Pink, Denim and Black. Moreover, the Exos easily takes to water so children can stay active and athletes can continue their water activities.

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