Wrist Hand Orthoses Services

A WHO either be made from low-temperature plastic or high-temperature plastic.

A low-temperature plastic WHO can be moulded directly onto the skin and finished on-site using Velcro straps.

A high-temperature plastic is a stronger material that requires moulding over a plaster cast.

If a high temperature WHO is required, a plaster cast must be taken and the orthosis fabricated overnight.

The WHO can be fabricated to just immobilise the wrist or both the wrist and thumb. These are commonly used to treat wrist fractures, scaphoid fractures or midshaft radius/ulna fractures.

At Orthotics Plus we also use pre-fabricated WHO if there is a simple ligamentous injury that doesn’t require complete contouring to the shape of the limb.

wrist and hand orthotics support for carpal tunnel syndrome healing, isolated on black