Carbon Fibre AFOs at Orthotics Plus

Carbon fibre is a lightweight and strong material that can be used as the primary material in an Ankle-Foot Orthoses.

Carbon fibre AFOs can be pre-made or custom-made products. It is possible to create all types of AFOs from carbon fibre (solid type, jointed type, GRAFOs, PDEs & leaf spring).

Carbon fibre is a premium material and has the advantages of being stiffer, offering high strength to weight ratio and being highly durable.

Orthotics Plus provides AFO assessments and fitting at our two Melbourne clinics: Malvern and Heidelberg.

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Carbon Fiber Cloth Fabric. Macro.

Customising a Carbon Fibre AFO

Carbon fibre AFOs can be customised in the following ways:

  • Having a posterior, medial or lateral strut – the width, thickness, location and stiffness varies depending on the amount of force required. These are non-adjustable.
  • Trim lines – ensuring the AFO is contoured to the patient’s shape – helps to apply the appropriate force to help keep the limb neutral.
  • Carbon fibre material – We use the ideal weave count and thickness in the carbon fibre fabric, which translates into different stiffnesses. For example, for a patient whose ankle requires more support, we would use a tighter weave to reinforce this area and potentially more layers.

Carbon Fibre Versus Plastic Variants

Plastic and carbon fibre AFOs are sound options that can function similarly. Differences include:

  • Carbon fibre will provide more energy return
  • Carbon fibre may be made stiffer and stronger
  • Carbon fibre AFOs can be made lower profile
  • There is a minor weight saving over plastic variants
  • Carbon fibre is generally the longer lasting material

People may wish to trial a lower-cost plastic AFO before upgrading to a carbon model, as there is a considerable price increase.

Patients at risk of developing pressure areas on their limb are typically recommended a plastic version, as they can be remoulded far more easily, whereas carbon has low thermal expansion properties, so they are more difficult to adjust.

Assessment at Orthotics Plus

At Orthotics Plus, we access both pre-made and custom made carbon fibre AFOs, depending on your preferences, activity levels, goals, skin integrity, foot posture and biomechanics.

We are experienced in prescribing AFOs that support people living with a physical or neurological disability that is causing foot drop related symptoms.

You may trial various Orthoses during your assessment. In the event an AFO is appropriate, we would take a cast of your leg for us to model around. It would take us two weeks to manufacture and have it ready for use.

We will provide you with a warranty and ongoing support. We’re here for you, both now and in the years to come.

How Can I Fund an AFO at Orthotics Plus?

Orthotics Plus is registered with various funding schemes, including the NDIS, private health insurers, homecare packages, TAC, WorkCover, DVA and more.

Please contact our administration to confirm your funding scheme and how we can accommodate your financial preferences.

We are able to provide reports to your funding scheme (i.e. NDIS Assistive Technology request) to ensure a carbon-fibre AFO will lead to functional outcomes.

Our focus is that you have a great experience of receiving the most appropriate prescription that helps you live your best life.

Why Choose Orthotics Plus?

Orthotics Plus was established in 2012, we are proud to have served the Melbourne community for this time.

  • We are caring and compassionate
  • Our Orthotists are registered with AOPA
  • Our senior Orthotists have a minimum of 10 years of clinical knowledge and experience
  • We actively listen to your preferences

To start your journey with Orthotics Plus, please use our clinic locations or referrals pages.