Cerebral Palsy Healthcare at Orthotics Plus

Orthotics Plus delivers healthcare to paediatrics and adults living with Cerebral Palsy.

We treat each patient as an individual. The primary goals of Orthotic management of CP are to:

  • Reduce pain
  • Increase mobility, stability and independence
  • Manage physical dysfunction
  • Prevent long term physical issues

Our services are available throughout multiple clinics in Melbourne, Victoria. We are NDIS registered and experienced with cases involving physical and neurological conditions.

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What is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral Palsy occurs before, during or immediately after birth. It is suggested it is caused by a lack of oxygen, whether before or during birth, however there may be other reasons for it as well.

Cerebral Palsy is a complex, neurological condition. Physical symptoms may include:

  • Reduced motor function and control
  • Spasticity
  • Hypertonicity
  • Contractures

Who Can Access Our Services?

Orthotics Plus is appropriate to consider for patients of all ages who are living with cerebral palsy.

A referral from a GP is not required to access Orthotics Plus.

In many cases, patients will already be an NDIS participant. Many of our services are accessible through NDIS funding. In which case, we request a copy of the NDIS plan so our healthcare contributes towards the participant’s meaningful NDIS goals.

We welcome all enquiries. Please feel free to make contact with us through our locations page for all enquiries.

Orthotics for Cerebral Palsy

Orthosis prescription is dependent on the individual presentation of the patient.

The following is a list of Orthotics that may be considered:

Please browse the Orthotics section of our website for a comprehensive list. Orthotics Plus aims to prescribe equipment that helps the patient achieve their unique aspirations.

A close up of an orthotist fitting a patient with a thumb spica.

Paediatric Orthotics

Orthotics Plus is proud to offer a paediatric orthotics service for patients with cerebral palsy.

We provide a full assessment, manufacturing, AFO tuning and fitting service (including footwear) for our younger patients to get them moving!

Our specialist paediatric Orthotist Alti has over 15 years of experience working with children in some of Australia’s leading clinical settings.

Our philosophy is to encourage normal foot and ankle posture for development in the long term while promoting activity and efficient movement in the short term.

We offer individual solutions for every patient who comes through our door and longer appointment times to give your child the attention and care they deserve.

We know kids grow quickly and a poorly fitting AFO can really slow your child down. As such, we strive to have no wait times for our clinical services and review appointments.


We will begin our treatment plan by performing a comprehensive assessment. This includes:

  • Physical assessment of joint ROM, strength, gait & function
  • Establish patient and clinical goals
  • Review existing equipment & supports
  • Identify new Orthoses to be considered
  • Actively listen to patient preferences

After the assessment, we will provide a list of healthcare/Orthoses recommendations. If the patient is an NDIS participant, we submit Assistive Technology reports for our services.

Orthotics Plus treats each patient with an individualised approach.

A close up of an orthotist fitting a patient with a thumb spica.

Equipment Trials, Feedback & Funding

Orthotics Plus stocks a range of Orthoses that can be trialled during consultations. These may form part of the definitive management or be used as a diagnostic tool.

In the event the patient would benefit from a custom solution (i.e. custom foot Orthotics, carbon-fibre AFO, shoe modifications)  the length of time may vary from initial assessment to completion, from a few days to a few weeks.

NDIS has opened many doors for patients and we can guide patients through the latest and most beneficial solutions, and submit all necessary applications to obtain their assistive technology.

During follow-ups, the ideal outcome is that the patient feels their needs have been met, which typically relates to improved function, reduced pain, better walking and device comfort.

We can assist people with all funding enquiries, take part in holistic healthcare and form long term, positive relationships with the community.

Omo Neurexa Plus arm brace by Ottobock

Orthotics Plus – Ready to Help the Community

Our senior Orthotists have a minimum of 10 years clinical experience working with patients with neurological conditions such as  Cerebral Palsy.

Why choose Orthotics Plus?

  • Our goal is to have minimal wait times for our services
  • We take part in multidisciplinary care
  • We offer a high level of communication
  • We adopt a patient-directed model of care- your goals are our goals
  • We are tertiary trained and registered Allied health professionals
  • You can speak to your, or your child’s orthotist directly.

Please feel free to contact us using our referrals or clinic locations pages.

A close up of an orthotist fitting a patient with a thumb spica.